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Sealing the Deal one-shot

Original Imagine: Imagine Crowley asking you to be his queen after sex (I took some liberties to make it fit with the other parts of the story)
Author: Crowleysamour
Reader Gender: Female
Warnings: None
Word Count: 2420

A/N: This is an addendum to a three-part fic.You can read Part OnePart Two, and Part Three if you want the whole story, but this part can stand alone and takes place between two and three. Also, my first smut so feedback is greatly appreciated! I take requests. 

Crowley’s chambers were spacious to say the least. A king sized bed with an intricately carved cherry wood headboard dominated one wall, the silky gold comforter reflecting dimly  in the soft light. The posters were just as beautifully carved as the headboard, with swirling patterns of vines, thorns, and flowers. The canopy was the same fabric as the comforter, casting a warm gleam on the whole room. Nightstands on each side alluded that it was a room for two. The other furnishings were gorgeous, but you barely remembered them. The bed was your sole focus. Once in the center of the room, Crowley turned and kissed you deeply, his soft lips contrasting with his rough stubble.

"Are you sure you’re ready for this, darling?" He tipped your chin up to inspect your face.

"I’m not a virgin, Crowley. Thanks to you, I might add. Yes. I’m sure." Your last words were almost lost in his kiss, his hot breath colliding with your voice as he closed in. Your lips moved in rhythm, your tongues rolling over each other in bliss. His strong hands roamed from your shoulders to the small of your back, pulling you in closer. One hand remained there, as the other marked your ass as his territory with a firm grip. His fingers brushed your thighs, and you could feel the fire lighting in your belly. You pushed higher into his kiss, moaning quietly. He took this as his cue to place both hands under your ass and carry you to the bed, his lips locked to yours the whole time. He lay you gently down and stood looking down at you, your lips parted and eyes begging for him to continue. 

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Anonymous asked: Hello, i am pretty sure this is improper format but i would like to write a oneshot. The problem is I want to remain anonymous

Nah man, questions don’t have a format!

As for remaining anonymous, we have a handy little guide to submitting anonymously on this page. When you do up the one shot format from the Submission Guidelines just give yourself a penname that isn’t your URL in the Author: line, and you’ll be all set :) We can’t wait to read what you write! -Max

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Original Imagine: Imagine giving Cas a hug only to discover he’s hard
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 3,214
Warnings: Cursing. A bit of possessiveness towards the end, but nothing major.

A/N: Quick word of warning, this one’s heck of a lot fluffier than my last one. Enjoy!

You loved days like this. Days when there were no monsters, no demons and you could pretend, just for a few hours, that you were normal.

You stood in the kitchen of the bunker, happily mixing the heavy cream, sugar, and vanilla in a bowl, humming to yourself. If someone had told you in your adolescence that you would think of cooking as a treat you would have laughed in their faces. But days like this, when the boys were out bonding and left you alone in the bunker, you found comfort and pleasure in doing simple, domestic tasks; like baking a chocolate pie, for example.

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Spark of Jealousy

Original Imagine: Imagine Crowley seeing you talking to Dean and getting insanely jealous.
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 1308
Warnings: rough teasing, violence

A hunter’s bar wasn’t generally a safe place for one of Crowley’s spies, but being human, you were able to blend right in. Normally you just provided the King with his dose of blessed blood, along with the occasional rough and tumble. Watching him suck the blood from your wrist, or feeling it pulled from your neck, was a major turn on for both of you.

Still, you wanted to be more than Crowley’s blood bank, and for that you needed to show him how you could be useful. He often rambled about the Winchesters, particularly the older one sporting Cain’s mark. His descriptions had you expecting a buffoon, so you figured gathering intel would be simple.

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Anonymous asked: Hey, can you please link me to the fics with Gabriel in it?

Here’s the Gabriel tag - please check the tag page in the future :) -Max

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Imagine Crowley heating you up

Original Imagine: Imagine Crowley heating you up
Author: anasiana
Reader Gender: female
Word Count: 922
Warnings: swearing, sass

                “It is too fucking cold for this,” you growled through chattering teeth, dropping a sack onto Crowley’s desk with a huff. He finished writing a sentence before bothering to look up, and only then to inspect the contents of the bag.

                “You should have dressed warmer, then.”

                If looks could kill, the King of Hell would be a smoldering pile of ash. “You zapped me off to the middle of the woods before you told me where I was going. It’s snowing out, for Christ’s sake.” His eyes flicked up to meet yours.

                “Watch your language, love.”

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Oh no! But don’t worry dear Anon, we’re not going anywhere ;) -Max

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Imagine giving Cas a hug only to discover he’s hard

Original Imagine: Imagine giving Cas a hug only to discover he’s hard.
Author: TheNight
Reader Gender: female
Word Count: 2788
Warnings:pretty rough sex, swearing, first Cas one ever, so please be gentle ;)

Yeah, maybe you did it on purpose from time to time. It was just too much fun to watch Cas getting totally confused about you, but sometimes it was a little bit… stressful that he didn’t get your sarcasm, but he tried really, really hard!
“Demons and their manners, man!” Dean mumbled as he threw his jacket over a chair.

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Anonymous asked: I'm loving the Cas inflow as of late! Thank you all, lovely authors, for writing such wonderful stories for all characters and thank you admins for running such an amazing blog!

Thanks love <3 And gotta say I agree with you there - bring on the Cas! -Max

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Something Sweet (x)

Character: Samandriel
Author: ringaroundthecuffs
Reader gender: Female
Word count: 3,235 (Bite me)
Triggers: Forever smut, also a wing!kink, and kind of a food kink?

A/N: A wonderful anon requested this of me and it was a lot of fun. :) Also, I’m sorry I submit to you guys all the freaking time, tell me to stop.

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