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Imagine Dean always making sure you cum first.

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Imagine Dean taking you away from your crappy home life and it leads to sweet cuddly sex.

Original Imagine: Imagine Dean taking you away from your crappy home life and it leads to sweet cuddly sex.

Author: Bovaria

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 4,630

Warnings: Long. Some angst. Cursing. Obvious smut.

A/N: I didn’t proofread it so there may be errors, sorry about that, will check it later on when I have time. It’s very long, but it took a life of it’s own. If it’s any consolation, the smut itself is around 2k.It doesn’t really follow the imagine 100% but that’s where the idea for the fic came from. Anddd.. Requests are opened, send them in! Tell me if you want me to continue this fic, I feel there’s more of a story to tell.

(Link to Fic)

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Imagine trying to pick other guys at a bar to make Dean jealous (pt2)

Original Imagine: Imagine trying to pick up other guys at a bar to make Dean jealous
Author: ElyshaKate
Reader Gender: female
Word Count: 1688
Warnings: swearing, smut, fluff

Part 2 of Green Eyed Monster

Find Pt. 1 here

(A/N- feeling a bit insecure lately, it has come through in my writing for which I apologise)

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Shuddering Satisfaction

The sequel to Delicious Anticipation 

Original Imagine: Imagine Sam walking in right as you orgasm from Dean’s tongue. 
Author: Lydia (
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 2,593
Warnings: oral sex, dom!Sam (kind of), dom!Dean (kind of), double penetration, anal sex, dirty talk, threesome.

A/N: After many, many requests for a sequel to Delicious Anticipation, I decided that I had to write it. This is probably the dirtiest thing I’ve ever written, and I think it’s turned out quite well. I had one anonymous request that Sam and Dean dominate the reader; however, as I wanted the sequel to be appropriate for all, I’ve only included a few domineering moments which are played out in dirty dialogue. So yeah, enjoy! 

Link to fic: xxx

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Stuck In the Middle (With You) - GSM #6 (x)

Original Imagine(s): 

Imagine your boyfriend/fellow hunter Dean calming you down during your first panic attack. (I have modified this to a PTSD attack, which can have elements of panic to it.)

Imagine Dean driving you to the edge but not letting you come and he finally lets you come after the fifth time when you beg him. (Both #4 and #5 happen in this part)

Redmalik’s request: The reader is really really upset after something bad happens and Dean comforts her some how.

Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 9,356
Warnings: Plot! Crowley (who should always come with a warning). The beginnings of a Cas-Dean-Reader love triangle. Some resolved tension. Major FEELS! at the end.

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Imagine Meg using you to teach Cas how to eat a girl out properly.

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Stanford Movie Night (x)

Original Imagine  Prompt: Can you do a oneshot where you tease sam until he cums in his jeans and then he does the same to you as revenge?
Author: ellewritesfics
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 1.487
Warnings: Nothing too intense. Smut (duh), hints of Dom!Sam, swearing.
Summary: A movie night and a reason for punishment gets pretty messy for Sam.

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