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A Successful Experiment

Original Imagine: Imagine Cas trying out some sex positions he learned from watching porn on you.
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 4,792
Warnings: Cursing, derogatory language and slurs, hair pulling, spanking, female objectification, and just rough, dirty, kinky sex in general

A/N: It ended up being more about role-playing and rough sex and less about actual sex positions, but the gist is still the same…Hope that’s okay :) Enjoy some more dom!Cas.

The first thing you realize is that you’re awake.

The next is that it was the sound of the bunker door slamming that woke you. You immediately reach for the machete you keep tucked in the space between your bed and the back wall, your hand slowly closing around the hilt, when the sound of voices stop you.

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Eating Out

Original Imagine: Imagine Jo eating you out in her truck
Author: the-shipper-that-shipseverything
Reader Gender: female
Word Count: 540
Warnings: I’ve never have written a female/female fic before. First time for everything though.

You were at the Harvelle road house. After what had seemed like hours of being unable to get away from Sam and Dean, you and Jo finally snuck out of the bar and inside her truck, lying on the back seats.

“Finally.” You murmur happily, as Jo nuzzles her face into your neck. “Thought we’d never escape.” You lift her head and press a kiss to her lips.

“Me neither.” Jo agrees against your lips. “I’m glad we have some time though.” Your legs wrap around her wai

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Anonymous asked: Hey guys! Just thought I'd let you know that post 83551811559 is tagged 'Crrowley' instead of 'Crowley' :)

Thanks for the heads up, it’s been fixed! -Max

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Anonymous asked: I see some authors apologize for the length but I wanted to say I absolutely LOVE the longer one shots! The more story the more I enjoy reading it. Especially the build up to the smut and the fluff or funny comments after when someone else in the bunker finds out. The ones that are under 1,000 words don't usually grab my attention unless it sounds extremely interesting. So don't stop yourself! :)

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Anonymous asked: I just sent the ask about the longer one shots, and I also wanted to say TheNight is one of my favorite authors and I have no idea why he or she (sorry I haven't gone off this blog) would get hate at all.

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Character: Dean

Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 5,573 (still not sorry)
Warnings: None that I can think of, other than the obvious. Oh, and swearing. If I forgot one, let me know!

Our previous hunt (wasting a double pack of wolves) had been successful, but it had wiped us out. Monsters never took a day off though, so neither could we. Less than a day after the last mutt was shot, we were right back at it. The team consisted of Sam Winchester, me, my sister, and Samuel. We weren’t even sure yet what we were hunting. There was definitely more than one, probably about six or seven, but they weren’t suckers or wolves. We’d never encountered anything like them before. All of us had to shove our noses in the books to dig up info on whatever it was, and hopefully find out how to kill it. It was only the first day, but already I was tired just thinking about how difficult this was going to be. But, I was glad to have my own motel room where I could wear a ratty tee sans pants and spread out my research as much as I wanted. I work better alone. 

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Anonymous asked: I love you guys and this page so much!!!! Thank you Acey and Max!

You’re welcome dear, and thank you <3 -Max

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"My Favorite"

Prompt: You are a part of 2014!Cas’s orgy, and he seems to take special interest in you.
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 2,111
Warnings: Orgy, same-sex intimacy, light drug usage (implied)

“Now, the key to this total shared perception is…” Cas licks his lips and continues, “… is surprisingly physical.”
The girls in the circle nod their heads in understanding, but you tense up.  This is the part you had been dreading.  The meditations and mind focusing was inspiring and eye-opening, but you knew these sessions always end with one of Cas’s famous orgies.

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