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Prompt: You’re stuck working with Crowley on a mission where you have to blend in at a high society party so Crowley insist on taking you shopping for a sexy dress. And while you’re in the fitting room Crowley makes u try on some sexy lingerie to go with it as well. After some fun in the fitting room he leaves you hanging and the only thing you can think about at the party is dirty thoughts about Crowley. And what makes it worse is you and Crowley can’t show that you know each other. After successfully helping Crowley on the hunt he takes you back to his office to finish what he started earlier.

Reader Gender: Female

Author: PurgatorysDeanWinchester (was Alyssab88)

Word Count: About 8500….because i get carried away. ^.^

Warnings: I don’t know..It’s smut. Pure…smut. 

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You’re good enough.

Link to fic: (x)

Character: Sam Winchester

Word Count: 2003

Reader Gender: Female


Warnings: Smut, a bit of self-loathing, and fluff, and I believe that’s it

Prompt: I was wondering if you could do a one shot where the reader is really insecure about her weight and personality and just feels like she always letting TFW down, then Sam and Dean figure it out and show her how much she matters and is beautiful with a smutty and fluffy ending?

Author’s note: Hey! I had fun writing this one. English is not my first language, just in case. Oh and btw, you’re all fucking beautiful. 

P.S I did not know which one of the boys to use so I went with Sam, I hope that’s alright and I didn’t blow it.

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Playing with Fire

Original Imagine: Imagine Crowley appearing in your room as you try to get off / Imagine Crowley fucking you while Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence plays in the background (sorta)
Character: Female Reader x Crowley
Word Count: 1700
Author: Jess  
Warnings: Smut, cursing, rough, dirty talk.
Authors Note: I own zero of he songs, or supernatural in any way shape or form.

Suggested listening: Hozier- Arsonist’s Lullaby, Ultraviolence (The actual track)- , Cruel World by Lana. 

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fuckoff-assbutt asked: Hii! Uhm I was wondering if you could like post this. I'm a new writer, I wrote the Love knows no age fic, and I just wanted to put it out there you know if any of you have a request for a oneshot or something I'd love to write it for you, it can be about any topic! thank you!

We generally don’t do things like this because then we get a flood of people telling us to do the same, but because you are already an established writer on our blog, I will make an exception.


P.S. All the 4 parts of Love knows no age were aaa-mazing! 

~ Clara ~ 

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Good Morning (x)


“I loved the how you wrote the ‘dirty pictures’ and was wondering if you could do a samxreader fucking in the kitchen and Kevin walks in and gets hard and cause sam and reader are in a friends with benefits situation reader sorts out Kevin (oral and fucking)? ;) Yours truly, fan”

Word Count: 1,700

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: Getting walked in on, if that’s a warning? But mostly just smut :)

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Oneshot: xxx

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Impossible (x)

PromptCan you do a Lucifer x reader one shot where the reader doesn’t want him to be back in the cage, so she runs from the Winchesters to be with him and Lucifer is really surprised with it at the beginning, but then he accepts her?

Words: 3089

Warnings: none

Reader gender: female

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